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Tuesday, February 1

Insatiable you are, mankind.

Insatiable, was the word my friend used to describe mankind. Amazing word, very strong and precise.

Insatiable, impossible to satisfy, always wants more. This is so true. For some reason or the other most people have the habit of wanting more than they already have, better yet : more than necessary.

Why is that? I think that the previous statement can not be fought against. Gosh is humanity so thirsty and so hungry!! Desperation seeps within each cell of our body when trying to find wholeness/completion or never ending satisfaction.

There are so many ways of tackling this subject. We can say we're not "grateful," but that's more of a justification. How about looking at it this way, there is a piece inside of you that is actually missing its pair?

What is it that each person deep inside longs for? How do we experience the state of wholeness, separating from the overpopulated state of EMPTINESS or NEED.

Think back for a moment, do you even know what that feels like?

I try not to be biased in my writing, but what the heck! It's my blog..

In moments of deep insight and connection with God and my spiritual being, I have experienced times where I have felt that I need nothing, for God completes me. He is living water. As the "Big JC"  (Jesus) said, "But those who drink of the water that I will give them will never be thirsty..." [In the gospel of John]

That's me though... But what else can possibly fill the vacancy in your life that is always being bombarded with new materials, new relationships, new success...

Mankind is more complex than material gain, I HOPE!

It's like saving for something you really really really really want!

Example:   Growing up in the Big Apple, the great New York City. Filled with ambition, opportunity, busy life, social pressure etc.. One of the big things growing up there is the obvious and ridiculous pressure in IMAGE. Style, clothing brands, shoes, hair! I look back now and I am in awe at how I was so influenced by the norms that God know who established ! I longed for a different pair of sneakers like every other week. I would save save save. I thought having the right image would complete me. But after getting whatever shoe I wanted ... I was happy for a split second. Two days later, a new pair of sneakers were in style... And it was an ongoing cycle. Annoying, yes, expensive, indeed. But it really depicts how we're never fully satisfied for more than a brief moment.

So again, I'd like to think that we, the people (Ha..) are more than that. It's more than material, success, recognition, ambition...

I think that its something deeper that fills the vacancy within us that it is OH SO highlighted in our society...

Our insatiable society...

How can we let that last drop settle and be filled to the brim...?

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