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Friday, February 25

Underestimation of Tears

Not showing emotion was pretty much what I was taught to do growing up. Why? HMM, that's a hard question I just asked myself. I'd have to say that it might have been to teach me to be stronger, realistic and I'm not sure what else.

However, in a sense I feel that showing emotions have been underestimated, it shows weakness to many but in reality it is a part of our human nature.

Haven't we always heard things like, "Men don't cry." Or sexist remarks such as, "You cry like a girl."

Not that I'm old or anything, but ever since I can remember tears have always been linked with lack of strength.

In a way, I do comprehend that having control over your emotions is essential to growing up but always bottling them up isn't healthy either.

Like I had mentioned in my earlier post, Equilibrium: we need to find balance in these things.

I remember when I was younger, after being yelled at or punished I was forbidden to let ONE tear, drop. Does that sound traumatizing? It probably does but its outcome has been sweet and sour.

For one, I understand that on some occasions or places, tears are probably not appropriate. First thing that comes to mind is the work place. When I apply for jobs online and they have assessments they always ask questions like, "Can people easily tell if you're upset?" I'm guessing the answer they want to hear is no.

Also, in relationships sometimes it isn't a good thing to put yourself completely out there. If you're showing every bit of pain, I think that would just be unbearable.

Again, I insist its finding a balance.

On the other hand, being "trained" to not cry obviously makes it difficult for me to actually cry at times. I'm a girl, this doesn't include chick flicks and depressing world issues. (Ha ha, I have a heart)  I'm referring to just troubles, stress, depression, sadness, anger etc.. Something that is actually serious...  In my case, I tend to bottle that in. As I ponder on this idea, I guess it is just a sense of protecting myself and not letting others see that I can be fragile at times. But, after a certain degree (I can't say I know the exact measure) talking, writing, reading, running, anything that you can possibly do to vent, isn't enough.

Tears are underestimated.

It may take a few sobs here and there to feel relieved or a little less weight.

I hadn't cried in forever, things were just piling up.

My cheeks were going through a drought. And the back of my eyes were preparing a thunderstorm.

Today, the simple act of tearing brought healing.

"Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in a while, so that we can see Life with a clearer view again.”
- A.T


  1. well remember that sometime tears can bring joy into our lives its a way to vent without words. its a feeling of relief for me. sometimes behind every smile there's a tear needed to be shed and plus tears are salty and we eat a lot of salt. that's a lot of sodium that's to be let out lol!!!!!!

  2. Agreed! I didn't even think about joyous tears! You're right.

  3. Me gusto muxo este post!!!
    Hay personas que se creen Fuertes, no demostrando a los demas su parte ‘’sencible’’ xq luego lo tacharan de debil y psss yo creo q esos viven su vida algo miserable, no? xq como tu dices… esto es lo que nos hace humanos… llorar? Demuestra debilidad? Puede ser, PERO… aveces hace falta xq nos da una clase de limpieza interior unica!
    Tambien me senti un poco identificada con lo que mencionaste del balance. Todo al extreme hace danio!! uiii XD