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Monday, April 11

What's Wrong with Pretty?

It's not always real.

Often times when life brings about a hard situation or simply an unwanted one, I calm myself with indifference.
 Imagine yourself being cut or hurt and not peeping or showing an ounce of pain or discomfort at least.. You're just looking good like if nothing just happened. Take this to the other level, away from the physical..
I’m not sure if I can say I lie to myself saying that I’m fine. But I extremely dislike seeming dysfunctional or not put together.
Once when I took an interest assessment, the interpreter told me “Hmmm you like things to look nice, don’t you?” I have no idea how she perceived that through the results but it’s true. I guess I don’t mind a good image. I think this preference does NOT entail material things only.
Anyway, the point is that … well I don’t know what my point is.
But I remember about a week or two ago at a bible study I regularly attend on campus, we spoke about how it is important to be one person, not showing one thing and being something completely different in the inside.
I don’t argue with the bible or its teachings. If I don’t believe it… well, there goes my faith…
But it’s interesting to me because personally I feel like I’m being told that its normal to not be perfect, just be true to yourself and to others.
So, what’s my closing statement?
Haha… I laugh because this is truly hard to say since I often times convince myself that I’m insensitive or immune to many things. (I think I am sometimes anyway… bear with me I’m still confused)
Dear World,
 I have “feelings” (OMG this is unbearably girly). Everything isn’t always okay. I’m learning that there is a difference between accepting situations rather than just putting it in the junk/ignore pile.
Whispered by honesty and acceptance

The value of honesty is truly immeasurable
This is what we shouldn't be ... Ha ha


  1. LOL! yeah, we should not hide our feelings! Being angry or sad or happy just demonstrate that we are human and there is nothing wrong with that! when we hide what we feel that just makes us miserable in a way... people use to ignore what is happening around them because, they think, if they face the situation, it's going to hurt... but the problem is going to be there still... and is not going to disappear unless they do something more that just ignore it... they have to accept it (like you said)... this is a way of growing up and being mature!!

    "The person, who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing, and becomes nothing. He may avoid suffering and sorrow, but he simply cannot learn and feel and change and grow and love and live." ~ Leo F. Buscaglia

  2. Thanks! I like that quote. I guess you're right... facing the situation makes us stronger and more mature.