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Saturday, June 18

One Life To Live.

Remember that show? I remember seeing it for a while. But, I'm not huge on television viewing.

One life to live. That's all we have. We have received this one time gift and we are in complete control on how we use it.

The recent death of a loved one has made me ponder a lot deeper on life and how its end is guaranteed. I was very hurt as I expressed in one of my latest posts, however I like to find purpose in all.

Everything and everyone on Earth is temporary. Let that sink in. I feel like we know this but don't feel it, until death comes and bites you in the ---. The point is, I think the purpose of this painful time for my loved ones and myself is to evaluate what is truly important in this life.

I ask myself, what do I devote most of my time doing? How am I treating others? How can I give more of myself? Are there things that God is calling me to do that I'm not doing? Is there a change in my lifestyle that should be made?

One life to live. I don't want to think that I'll leave this broken world without leaving any meaningful footsteps on it. Forget being mediocre. I want to fulfill my purpose and this loss has allowed me to grasp the reality of death. The reality that this will soon cease. And every second is precious.

You, reading... Is there something you have to say to someone? Is there someone you have to forgive? Is there someone you need to express your love to? Is there something you have to confess? Do you have an idea that might make a difference?

One life to live. Let that sink in.

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