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Sunday, January 30

Consistency: The Ultimate Challenge

Today I continue to be at peace.

It made me wonder, how can I manage to stay this way?
I think consistency is difficult for many, including myself. It is so easy for us to want to start something, a goal we'd call it. Especially now after new years. Why is it so hard to stick to things?

If we had the capacity to be consistent (which we do) with our plans or goals, maybe there would be a lot more in the world. Companies, inventions, books, theories, etc. Most of the time we simply don't grasp our ideas, it's a shame.

Can you think of anything you planned to accomplish last year? Did you accomplish it? I'm sure there is at least ONE thing that you didn't accomplish...

We have the tendency to limit ourselves. However challenges should always be welcome in our lives.

Why? Well, if you don't challenge yourself to new things, you'll be stagnant and not grow in anyway. Such as in character, spirituality, resistance, etc.

Bernice Johnson said, "Life's challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they're supposed to help you discover who you are."

Let's welcome challenges and carry out what we plan. It doesn't necessarily have to be huge, think of a small goal. Be consistent and hold on to it.

As for me, my goal is to be consistent with my spiritual practices and actually grow. Days, months, years pass and we're stationary. Well, this time I want to walk, if not climb my way up, up and away...

Here's a mountain peak. Look at it...

Now stop pondering and start making moves...

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