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Monday, April 18

Like the strings of a guitar.

Each string of a guitar makes a sound and has the potential to make other sounds as well. The pressure put upon the strings by our fingers, create a distinct tone. With the correct and precise combination of tones, we make pleasant chords and create music. But it depends on the guitar player to vary the sounds of each string.In a strange way life can be compared to guitar strings. When I think about this comparison I think about the things each person has and what they decide to do with them. Things like: people in your life, money, education, health, belief etc.What do we make of it? As a guitarist you must wander and try to discover new sounds to make a melodious tune. With the right combination you might just get the right sound.Every aspect of our life is not be ignored and left untouched but it should be explored for its potentiality.We should use our creativity to produce harmony. What do you do with what you have? How do you relate to those who are around you? In what do you invest your resources? How can you manage all aspects to make a song..? I am learning how to play the guitar now and it’s so amazing to become familiar with its structure and how you can make the same chords in different forms. Good music is offered throughout all of it frets. So is life, we just have to learn the tricks with its strings.

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